The new Apple Vision Pro advertisement showcases the device’s spatial computing capabilities and visionOS UI.

Apple has aired a “Hello Apple Vision Pro” TV promo ahead of the February 2nd release date of their first VR gadget. In the advertisement, we see individuals wearing the Vision Pro and utilizing different applications, such as attending video chats, viewing movies, and so on. We witness them engaging with the visionOS interface using eye and finger motions. Here’s how it appears:

Following tradition, Apple’s commercial for their latest device includes the phrase “Hello Apple Vision Pro”. The video begins with someone putting on the Apple Vision Pro glasses. We receive a visual of how the gadget appears from both inside and outside.

  • The outer style consists mostly of artificial eyes on the visage for viewers, light-seal cushions, and the strap. Even though there are two micro-OLED panels on the front, it appears to the user as a single broad screen.
  • The Vision Pro user is shown focusing intently on an app. Pinching movements with the fingers launch the application. It is also the action to choose calls or to select or choose to perform anything in the interface.
  • In addition, we show a user spinning the on-device Digital Crown to adjust the immersive experience.
  • Other aspects we note are how lifelike the other party’s real-time holographic look is on the video conversation, as well as how coming closer to a panorama makes the experience more immersive for the user.

Apple Vision Pro: Price, Release Date, and Concerns

The video’s description says, “Apple Vision Pro is here. Now, digital stuff merges in with your actual surroundings. You can perform the things you like in ways you never thought possible.” Well, Apple’s spatial computing glasses will be available in the United States beginning February 2nd for $3,499 (about Rs 2,90,679.43). The rest of the world will have to wait, but not for long.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that between 160 and 180,000 Apple Vision Pro headsets have been pre-ordered. That is significantly below Apple’s expected 400,000 sales in the first year. Meanwhile, the corporation has to guarantee that there are enough applications on the platform. According to Appfigures, the visionOS will debut with about 150 applications, with no evidence of a killer app. Apple will aim to persuade third-party developers to create applications for the Vision Pro. This will be a difficult challenge given the time and expense needed in developing applications for the wider canvas.

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